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Fines Increased for Not Yielding to Pedestrians 不讓行人加重罰新制上路 警加強稽查

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has amended the law and increased fines for vehicles that do not yield to pedestrians. Law enforcement was strengthened on the 31st.A scooter was pulled over by police after it turned at an intersection without giving way to pedestrians on the crosswalk. You have to give way to pedestrians.“You can't ride in between pedestrians. Please let me have a look at your license.”The MOTC amended the law to increase the fine for vehicles not yielding to pedestrians. The fine was increased from the original NT$2,000 or NT$2,800 to NT$3,600. The Taipei City Police Traffic Division was out to enforce the new law on the first day.Chen He-ming, Director, Traffic Div., Taipei City Police: “Vehicles should give priority to pedestrians who are within three meters of the crosswalk. Three meters is about the width of a car lane or about three crosswalk lines.”Citizen: “But sometimes, some people walk very slowly, so I don't yield. Yes, yes, really.”Citizen: “Do you have a lot of experience with the car not yielding? No, the situation is better in Taipei City. It's a lot worse when you are outside of Taipei City.”According to MOTC statistics, nearly 400 pedestrians died in traffic accidents last year. In addition to amending the law to impose heavier penalties, the MOTC will also work with the Ministry of the Interior to improve the pedestrian environment. 1,218 high-risk intersections are expected to be improved this year, hoping to wash away the notoriety of Taiwan's hellish pedestrian environment.機車右轉,不顧人行穿越道上有人,直接被執勤員警給攔下。「要禮讓行人通行,你不能從行人之間穿越,麻煩你證件我看一下。」交通部修法提高車輛不讓行人罰鍰,小型車罰鍰從原先2000元、大型車2800元,一律提高為3600元。新制上路第一天,北市交通隊也在行人較多的各大路口,擴大執法。有機車右轉,不顧人行穿越道上有人,直接被執勤員警給攔下。台北市交通大隊分隊長陳禾明表示:「在行穿線上,行人的方向前方3公尺以內,車輛就應該要禮讓行人優先通行。這3公尺大概會是一個車道寬,或是3個枕木紋左右。」民眾說道:「他們有時候是,有的人走得很慢,就不讓。」記者問道:「車子不讓人的經驗多嗎?」民眾回應:「不會,台北市比較還好,出了台北市就差很多。」交通部統計,去(2022)年有近400行人因交通事故死亡,除了修法加重罰不讓行人,也會同內政部進行人行環境改善,預計今年將改善1218個高風險路口,希望可以洗刷地獄人行環境惡名。

Taiwan's Wuhan Charter Flights Caused Trouble for China: Ma 馬英九:台灣處理武漢包機  給中國添麻煩

Taiwan's Wuhan Charter Flights Caused Trouble for China: Ma 馬英九:台灣處理武漢包機 給中國添麻煩

Former President Ma Ying-jeou, on the other hand, is visiting China and mentioned the 1992 Consensus many times and praised China's epidemic prevention efforts during the trip.Ma Ying-jeou, Former President: “The 1992 consensus allows both sides of the strait to shelve disputes and creates a win-win situation.”Former President Ma Ying-jeou's comments about the 1992 Consensus, while he is currently in China, sparked heated discussions on both sides of the Taiwan Strait again. He met Song Tao, Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, on the 30th. He mentioned the 1992 Consensus many times, emphasizing that cross-Strait relations should be resolved peacefully by the two sides. Premier Chen Chien-jen retorted on the 31st, saying that the 1992 Consensus means one country, two systems, which is unacceptable to the Taiwanese people.Chen Chien-jen, Premier: “China has already deemed the 1992 Consensus as meaning One China, which is the PRC. Their interpretation is one country, two systems. I think this is unacceptable to us Taiwanese people.”Ma also praised China's epidemic prevention, and mentioned that Taiwan's handling of the Wuhan charter flight caused trouble for China. He apologized for this. Premier Chen said that he could not understand why Ma succumbed to China and went along with their PR talking points.Chen Chien-jen, Premier: “I don't know where his intentions are. I can't understand what he's thinking. What he said is completely far from fact. What is the scientific basis for such a statement?”Coincidentally, after Ma talked about cross-Strait issues, the Taiwan Affairs Office immediately announced that starting April 1, cross-Strait routes will be exempted from PCR tests. Travelers can just show a negative rapid screening test within 24 hours. DPP legislators criticized Ma for helping to whitewash China's epidemic and becoming a tool of its unification efforts, making Taiwan an international laughing stock.Chao Tien-lin, Legislator (DPP): “They are trying to implement unification, which the whole world can't accept. And the whitewash of this virus, which was out of control in China. I think the meaning behind Ma's trip there has been a big disappointment. It's all about pushing unification.”Chen Yu-jen, Legislator (KMT): “About Wuhan charter flights. There was no way for our Taiwanese nationals to return home back directly during that time. At that time, many in the Taiwan Affairs Office helped with this matter. Today, we can't just say that they didn't help.”Chen said that China's relaxation of borders is a gesture of goodwill. KMT legislator Tseng Ming-chung emphasized that Ma's visit to China will definitely be open and transparent, and defend the ROC's value and status.前總統馬英九說道:「有了九二共識,兩岸才能擱置爭議,共創雙贏。」在中國大談九二共識,再度引發兩岸熱烈討論,前總統馬英九訪中30日會面中國國台辦主任宋濤,多次提及九二共識,強調兩岸關係由兩岸自己和平解決。行政院長陳建仁31日反駁,指九二共識就是一國兩制,台灣人民無法接受。行政院長陳建仁表示:「中國經對九二共識已經定調是一個中國,而且是一個中國、一國兩制,所以我想這是我們台灣人民不能接受的。」馬英九還讚揚中國防疫,提到台灣處理武漢包機,給中國添麻煩,他為此道歉。陳建仁表示,無法理解馬英九為何屈從、附和中國。行政院長陳建仁指出:「我不曉得他這樣的用心在哪裡,他所說的這些話,我是沒有辦法完全從事實上來理解,這樣的講法到底有什麼科學根據。」馬宋會暢談兩岸議題後,國台辦隨即宣布4月1日起兩岸航線免PCR,改持24小時快篩陰性證明,被解讀做球給馬英九,送上伴手禮。民進黨立委批評,馬英九幫中國疫情粉飾太平,淪為統戰工具,讓台灣成為國際笑柄。民進黨立委趙天麟認為:「他們做出全世界都不能夠接受的,這樣一個統戰的作為,對病毒失控這樣擦脂抹粉,粉飾太平,我覺得這樣會他的此行意義大失所望,所以我覺得那都是統戰。」國民黨立委陳玉珍提及:「有關武漢包機,我們的台灣人民沒有辦法直接回來這一段,大陸政府那時候很多台辦幫忙協助,我們這個東西是不能說事過這樣船過水無痕,就今天來抹滅這個人家當初的幫助。」陳玉珍緩頰,中國放寬邊境是對台釋出善意,國民黨曾銘宗強調,馬英九訪中絕對會公開透明,捍衛中華民國的價值地位。

President Tsai Receives Global Leadership Award 蔡總統獲頒全球領導力獎  現場發表演說

President Tsai Receives Global Leadership Award 蔡總統獲頒全球領導力獎 現場發表演說

President Tsai Ing-wen is currently in New York and received a global leadership award from the Hudson Institute, with protestors gathering outside to voice their disapproval.“Will you meet with Pompeo? Which topics will you talk about today?”President Tsai Ing-wen ignores reporters' questions after arriving at her New York hotel on the evening of the 30th Eastern Standard Time. Tsai received a global leadership award from the Hudson Institute during her brief stop in New York. She did not meet with Mike Pompeo, who is currently the chair of the advisory board of the institute's China Center.Chang Tun-han, Deputy Secretary-General, Presidential Office: “According to the president, China is always intentionally trying to raise tensions but Taiwan always stays calm and collected. The president says Taiwan shows the world that it is the responsible side in cross-Strait relations. She also says Taiwanese people want peace but history tells us that the best way to avoid war is to strengthen yourself.”The Hudson Institute is one of the U.S.' top five conservative think tanks and has countless former Republican officials on its roster. Protestors against Tsai have shown up in droves along her stops in New York, with New York City police being dispatched to maintain order. One of the founders of the Heritage Foundation, Edwin Feulner, condemned the protest and said Tsai should visit Washington D.C.Edwin Feulner, Co-founder, Heritage Foundation: “In the United States, we always believe in freedom of speech, but it's too bad that some people around would try to stop freedom of speech. I'm glad we're all here to celebrate her tonight and yes, I hope sometime very soon it will happen in Washington D.C. too.”National Security Bureau Director Tsai Ming-yen claims the protestors are all Chinese and are being paid US$200 a day. The claim has been shot down by the overseas Chinese community.Overseas Chinese-American: “The $200 claim is ludicrous. It's such a pitiful story. You want to give me $200?”Tsai will leave New York for Guatemala on the 31st Taiwan time. On her way back to Taiwan, she will transit in Los Angeles on April 5 and meet with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. According to Reuters, McCarthy will have an entourage of 20-plus members of Congress.「總統會跟龐佩奧見到面嗎,今天大概會談哪些議題?」面對記者詢問沒有回應,總統蔡英文美東時間30日晚間7時,抵達紐約洲際酒店,為了領取哈德遜研究所頒發的全球領導力獎。不過這項行程低調謹慎,總統府沒有說明出席人士,也沒有外界猜測的前美國國務卿,現任哈德遜研究所中國中心主席龐佩奧(Michael Pompeo)。總統府副秘書長張惇涵表示,「總統強調中國刻意升高緊張情勢,但台灣總是謹慎並冷靜的回應,讓世界看到台灣在兩岸關係中,我們是負責任的那一方。台灣人民期盼和平,但歷史告訴我們,最佳避戰的方法就是讓自己更有實力。」哈德遜研究所是美國5大保守派智庫之一,並有多位共和黨籍前官員擔任學者向來反共,因此這次頒獎給蔡總統也引來中國抗議。公視記者韓瑩報導,「總統蔡英文晚間在洲際酒店,領取哈德遜研究所頒發的全球領導力獎。可以看到晚間從下午5時開始,中國民眾就在飯店外抗議。」中國抗議民眾緊跟總統行程,紐約警方出動大批人馬時刻緊盯,就怕發生衝突。來參加頒獎活動的美國傳統基金會創辦人佛訥也譴責中國的抗議行徑,並表示希望蔡總統能夠訪問華府。美國傳統基金會創辦人佛訥提及,「在美國我們都相信言論自由,太不幸周邊的這些人想要阻擋言論自由停止活動,我們很開心在這裡替她慶祝,是的我希望未來這也會發生在華府。」先前國安局長蔡明彥表示,中國動員團體來抗議是給一天200塊美金的費用,中國僑民對此感到憤怒,一度和台灣媒體記者有言語衝突。中國民眾說道,「哪裡來的200,很遺憾,沒有哪裡來的200,你給我200啊。」蔡總統將在台灣時間31日晚間結束紐約行程,轉往瓜地馬拉訪問。4月5日則將過境美國洛杉磯,將與眾議院議長麥卡錫見面,路透社指出已有20多位議員報名參與,相當踴躍。